It a project delivery system used in the construction industry. We have adopted a method to deliver a project in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity known as the design–builder or design–build contractor. It can be subdivided into architect-led design–build (ALDB, sometimes known as designer-led design–build) and contractor-led design build. We took this option as it is used to minimize risks for the project owner and to reduce the delivery schedule by overlapping the design phase and construction phase of a project.

Design-build also has a single point responsibility. The design-build contractor is responsible for all work on the project, so the client can seek legal remedies for any fault from one party. It answers the client’s wishes for a single point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and overall costs.


As architects and engineers, we sit down with the client to appreciate the project in detail. Purpose and aim of the project are laid down. The intermediate step is to make schematic plans to show the connection between available spaces and current activities. We cooperate and partner with the client in reviewing and revising the representations and make recommendations, accordingly. After a thorough revision process, a final plan is developed which will mark the end of initial planning.

Our pre-construction services give you a broad picture of the procedure and cost. We work together in developing feasible, cost-effective budgets leading to clean, smooth processes. This helps us to avoid alteration.


Our main objective is to control the cost and time of the project without compromising on the quality of the whole work. As a company that offers Construction management, in a professional way we use specialized, project management techniques to oversee the planning, design, and construction of a project, from its beginning to its end. 

Construction Management is compatible with all project delivery systems, including design-bid-build, design-build, Construction Management At-Risk and Public Private Partnerships.


As Atoka Construction, we well equipped for all renovations and additions. We provide a solution that works for both parties while maintaining our great quality and working within the agreed budget. We guarantee that we will renovate your roof, foundation, water pipes, doors, windows and ascertain that there are no leakages or any electrical socket issues in your home.

With Atoka, your home will look great again in no time. Securing the foundation, making major foundation repairs to areas such as weakened walls, joists, and carrying beams.


We cautiously demolish all or some of the areas of the house that will be renovated. Structural Carpentry, Ductwork, Electrical, and Plumbing follow before the house is adorned. Ceilings, Insulation, closing walls, repairing Windows, Carpentry, Interior Painting, Wallpaper, and Other Surface Finishes. Painting interior walls, hanging wallpaper, painting molding and trim, staining and sealing trim.

Flooring, Siding, Gutters, Major Auxiliary Building, Sunrooms and Swimming pools etc.


Our services and agreements are well designed to meet or surpass customer expectation. Poor quality is not acceptable, we say, “The job is done only if you are satisfied as a client”.

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